How to check Income Tax Refund Status Online? Online process of checking income tax refund

How To Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

Today's post, which is very important for everyone, this post is most important for those people who want the income tax department to get some amount of money from their monthly income tax. Is given as Because in today's post how do we check Income Tax Refund Status Online? About this, you are going to tell the complete information in Hindi step by step. So if you fill income tax to the income tax department. And if you have filed ITR for Re-fund tax, then read this post till the end, this post may prove useful for you.

Perhaps you will know and if you do not know, then tell that the Income Tax Department deducts some amount in the form of TDS from the salary earned every month for every salaried person. It is the responsibility of the company to deposit a part of the salary of its employee in the Income Tax Department. Out of the salary, the portion is deposited in the Income Tax Department. That does not mean that you will not get your money back. If your income is not covered by income tax. Then you file ITR and give details of your income and your deducted TDS will be returned by the Income Tax Department. Every person is required to submit the ITR form in the year to the Income Tax Department.

Online process of checking income tax refund

Also, while paying income tax, it often happens that if your tax gets deposited more for some reason or the TDS money gets cut more, then the income tax sends it to the bank account of the income taxpayer as Income Tax Refund. But this Refund comes only after the IT payer files the ITR. Everyone is eagerly awaiting. But it is often seen that refunds sometimes do not come back on time. And no information about the refund is available from Income Tax Department. Due to which the tension of the income taxpayer increases.

But now you do not have to worry about it at all, because now you do not have to stay with the Income Tax Department because you can easily check your Income Tax Refund Status Online at home. Whose information we have shared below.

What is Income Tax Refund

As the name of Income Refund is clearing, return of income tax but it comes back only if you did not have to pay tax to the Income Tax Department or have paid more of your tax. Income under this condition is Refund. For this also, the ITR of the person filing the tax has to be filed. Only then is the tax refunded. When you file, you have to give your bank account in which income tax sends the amount of your refund. Which is called an income tax refund.

When the Income Tax Refund Comes Back

When your TDS is cut too much
Have deposited more tax than their respective tax limit.

How To Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

If you have filed ITR so you want to check Income Tax Refund Status Online, then it is quite easy, just follow some steps given below, then you can easily check income tax refund status. But before knowing this, also know that to check its status, you have to do Documents

Documents required to check Income Tax Refund

Pan Card
ITR disclosure number
mobile number

Income Tax Refund Status Online Check Here

➤First of all, you have to go to the page of the official website of ITR. You can also go direct by clicking here.

➤On visiting the site, you will get the form to check the ITR Refund status on the home page. You have to fill all the information asked in the form as you can also see in the screenshot below.

➤After filling all the information asked here, you have to click on submit button.

➤On the next page, you will see the status of your income tax refund. Here you will get complete information about how the refund has been done and on what date.

➤With this, if you see the option of return verification, you should understand that the return process has been completed.

➤Whatever your refund is made, will soon come in your bank account.

It is important to check Income Tax Refund Status Online-

The Income Tax Department says that if the person giving income tax has filed but sometimes there is some reason that the form has reached the database of the department or not, the information can be known only after checking the status. Tell for information until your return process is complete. Till then you will not get any refund. So if you have filed then you must check the status. And if your status form is not visible under any condition then contact the Income Tax Department immediately.

How do I check today's income tax refund status online? The online process of checking income tax refund would be nice. And would have proved useful for you. If you have not understood anything in our post today, you can ask us to comment. We will try to help you by joining you soon. Also, if you find the post useful, do share the post. Thank you.
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