What are the types of Drones

In today's time, you must have heard of a drone or a drone camera. Do you know what a drone is and how many types are there?

If you do not know about drones till now, then read this article. In this article, we will give you full information about the drone.

So, first of all, know what the drone is.

What is the drone

A drone is an aircraft that does not contain any person and it flies with the help of radio transmitter control.

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A drone is a flying device in which no person is able to climb and it is carried away by a remote.

The drone is also called the UAV.

UAV ka full form Unmanned aerial vehicle .

There has been a lot of development in technology over the years, new devices are coming up every day, including drones.

Today it will be used everywhere in India, whether it is a video created in the century or supervised by the police. Apart from this, it is also used to create a stunning video of some place.

In addition to this, it can be easily sprayed with pesticides on crops. Not only this, most of the farmers are doing their job abroad in foreign countries with the help of this.

How many types of drones are there?

The drones have been described differently depending on size and usage. India country

The drone has been told in such a manner on the basis of size.

➤Nano: equal to or equal to 250 grams
➤Micro: 250 gms to 2 kg
➤Small: 2kg to 25kg
➤Medium: 25kg to 150kg
➤Large: More than 150kg

So, know about all kinds of extensions in detail

Very small drone (Nano) - These drones are very small as a kit. These drones are used to spy on spy logos and things because they are not easily visible.

Small drone -   These drones are too small, but they are not as small as the nano dragon. They can be easily picked up by using their hands, and they are thrown into the air and then they walk on their own.

Medium drone - These drones are much larger than the small drones. They require the support of two people so that they can get into the air, after which they descend automatically.

Large drone -  These drones use primarily to monitor the area of ​​war. The army looks like a powerful camera, which can snap in the sky very high

How does the drone work?

Unmanned aircraft are called normal drones, they are standing in one place and operated by remote, mobile, and computer.

When we buy a drone, it receives a radio transmitter control in which buttons are given to control the drones and using the same drones is used.

Speaking of advance drones, they work in the defense of a country, these drones can do as much as an airplane. And it can be attacked by any bomb at any place.

Why is the drone used

Can blow a normal drone at an altitude of 100-200 meters, these can be made 20 to 30 minutes of video at a time, with this drone can be covered with a range of 500 meters.

Advance drones are used for the protection of the country, this drone is blown up at a very high altitude, which can be attacked by the bomb at any place.

Before you draw a drone

Before blowing the drone, you should know about some things.

➤Whether the condition of the drone is tired or not.
➤Know about the rules and laws of the area where the drones want to blow.
➤What category does your drone come in and whether or not you have to register it accordingly?
➤Check whether the battery is charged or not. And whether the charging will work
➤Check whether your drones and controllers are connected to each other or not.
➤Check whether the surrounding area is right to take a drink and land immediately.

How do the drones survive?

You can easily blow the drone. You can learn to buy a cheap little drone and fly it. When a drone is bought, a radio transmitter control is given with it, which is used to blow the drone.

The drone can stand in one place and blow it with the use of remote control.

Doing a drone in India is a crime?

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, blowing a drone in India is no longer a crime. But before drawing the drone, you should know about some of its important rules.

For the rest of the Nano drone, you have to first register for the drone, so that the drone gets a unique identification number (Unique Identification Number).

If you want to use a drone as a business, then you also have to take a permit. But if you have a dragon in a nano category, you can blow it under 50 feet, this does not require permissions or the macro can fly up to 200 feet.

Can not blow the drone upwards of 400 feet.

There are some areas where you can not blow the drone, which is called "no-fly zone", such as airport, international airport, secretariat 
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