What is Tinder App? How To Play Tinder Dating App

What is Tinder, how do you use Tinder? If you want to know this also, then it is in the right place. Friends today all the people have their own smartphone and we can do a lot of work from our smartphone like online mobile recharge, bill payment, bus, train ticket booking, movies ticket booking etc. Now you might be thinking that we have to know about the tinder app

If you are telling the benefits of the smartphone again then friend tinder is a Dating app that you can use in any of your smartphones and you can use it to make friends with unaware people and date them.

If you do not have your online friends and you want to friendship with someone who is unaware, tinder will help you. You can make online friends using tinder.

What is the Tinder App?

Tinder is an online dating app. By using which you can make a friendship with an unknown person and go with them on the date. If it is said in simple words, the boy can find a girlfriend for himself and girls can find a boyfriend for themselves. And if you do not have an online friend or if you want to make new friends or want them, then this app will be useful to you.

tinder is the world's most popular app to meet new people. With this, you can befriend new people. Here you can see all those people who use it and can go on date with them and make relation too.

The question of many people is how to make online friends. Now if you are a boy, how do you make a friendship with a girl or a girl, then how to do friendship with a boy, the tinder app can help you.

How Does Tinder App Work? complete information

In the Tinder app, when you log in with your Facebook account or create an account from your mobile number, then you ask for permission from the location and when you give it the permission of the location, it shows you all the profile or photo of the logo. So near you, that is, in this, you can see all the nearby people who use the tinder app

It is very easy to use the tinder app here but you can see the photo of all the people, those of which you like or feel good can swipe right by doing it and if you do not like it then you can swipe on the left side. And if the person you liked would also like you, then both of you will get married and then both of you can message and call each other. 

How to create an account in the Tinder App? Step by Step

➤Now, if you want to know how to download tinder app and how to create an account, first of all, you have to download the app in your mobile, you can download the tinder app from here.

➤Now after downloading and downloading this app in your mobile, open it here and log in with facebook and log in with phone number 2 option will appear if you want to login to your facebook account in Tinder app then select 1st option and If you want to login to this app from a mobile number then select the option containing the log in with phone number.

➤Now here you will be asked to enter your mobile number, enter your 10 digits mobile number here and click on next.

➤Now there will be a 6 digit verification code on your mobile number, put it here and click continue.

➤Now let's create your account here. Click on get started option.

➤Now you will be asked to enter an email address. This is optional. If you do not want to enter your email id, you can also skip this option, but by skipping it, you will not be able to recover password for your tinder account. So enter your email id here in the email address and click on continue.

➤Now you will be asked to create a password. You need to create a password that is to say that 1 number and 1 letter should be a password. Password must be at least 8 digits. You can also use the special character in the password. And keep a password that is easy to remember and difficult for other people. After entering the password, click continue.

➤Now here you will be asked to enter the first name. Enter your name here and click on continue.

➤Then our date of birth will be asked to fill your correct date of birth as it will be visible to all the people and after entering dob and click continue.

➤Now you have to choose who you are, if you are a girl, then selectwoman and if you are a boy then selectmen and click on continue.

➤You can add your best pic here by clicking on your photo in My best pic is and after uploading your pic click on done.

➤Now you will be asked for permission from the location, click on allow location.

➤Congrats Now your tinder account has been successfully created. Now you can see your profile here and click edit info to fill your details.

  1. About you - Here you have to tell yourself what you are or what you do if you study, you can write here that is student wrote about yourself in at least 40 to 80 words.
  2. Job title - if you do a job here, you can tell which job is there.
  3. Company - If you have a company or work in a company, then you can add it here. I can say that.
  4. School - If you are a student then study at any school or university can tell here.
  5. Connect Instagram - It also gives you the feature of connecting Instagram accounts that you can use to add your install account to it and then your Instagram photo will also look here.

Here you can fill all your information here.

How to use Tinder App?

Now that you have created a tinder account, you still have a few questions on how to run the tinder app, how to impress any girl on tinder, how to make a go on tinder etc. I like you already It is said that in this app, you can only friendship with someone when he will be interested in friendship with you, that is, here you will see the profile of all the people near you.

Those who use the tinder app can do whatever you like by swiping their pic right in it and then if they do like you then both of you will match and you can message and call each other is.

So, you can make new friends with this kind of tinder app. If you are traveling or traveling, you can make friends with those who use the tinder app.

There is some limitation in the free version of Tinder App like it can only like the profile of only 5 people in 1 day and if someone likes your profile then you will get a notification that your profile has been liked.

But it does not know who has loved. And in the plan of tinder gold, you can like to unlimited logo's profile and control your profile etc. And many more features are available in this plan.

How do friends use tinder app, how to make a friend on tinder, if you like this information about what a tinder app is, then please share it with your friends.
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