What is Facebook BFF ..? Know full truth

Friends, for several days, you may be looking at a message on Facebook, in which it is being told that your Facebook account is in danger to check BF in the Comment box if BFF is in GREEN COLOR then your ACCOUNT is not safe. So your account is not safe.

Now it is not known who has posted this viral but let me tell you that there is nothing like this. Friends In today's post I will tell you the full information of facebook bff, I will tell the truth of what it means in the end. Well, some people will know it. If you do not know, keep reading the post.

Since the case of leaking of Facebook's data by British's Cambridge Analyst, it is being said that shares are being spread in such a false rumor message
. In this social media, this is not the first such message, but many other false stories. Every day they are shared here. People lie. To get the message true.

What is Facebook BFF ..? Know full truth

Friends BFF means BEST FRIEND FOREVER This is a service of Facebook when you type BFF in the COMMENT box for your best friend when it becomes TEXT GREEN color. If FLASH opens in the browser, then you can also see some more animation there. This is only a Facebook service and not a way to check for SAFE or UNSAFE.

There are other words in Facebook that change their color when typing in the comment box.

Friends, now you must have understood that this was only a misdemeanor.
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