Ola Cab Bain for 6 months in Bengaluru, know what are the reasons

Ola Cab Bain for 6 months in Bengaluru, know what are the reasons
Ola Cab has been banned for 6 months in Karnataka. The Karnataka Department of Transportation has done this action on behalf of Ana Technologies Private Limited, a company operating in Ola, on charges of violation of On-Demand Transport Technology Aggregators Rule-2006. The Transport Department of Karnataka has suspended the license of Ola for the next 6 months. After this order, Ola cannot run the service for any vehicle, including car, auto, and bike in the city.

The Transport Department has clarified that the company will have to submit its license within 3 days after receipt of its order. In this regard, the license of the Deputy Transport Commissioner and Senior Regional Transport Officer, Bengaluru, is suspended for 6 months on the basis of the report. Ola said that she is a law enforcement company and she is working on all options to resolve the matter with cordiality.

Transport Department has taken action on Ola and other taxi companies operating in Bike Taxis in Bangalore. Let us tell you that in February, transport officials seized such 500 bike taxis for illegal operation. Bike taxi aggregator Ola and Rapido have been asked to immediately stop the services. At present, the use of bike taxis in Karnataka is illegal. Ola Taxis for Sure and Uber Drivers Association are opposing this because there is no proper policy for this type of service in the state.
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