Motivational Success Stories for Youtuber in India

Motivational Success Stories for Youtuber in India Youtuber Success Story Motivation Article

Friends, you have seen all the videos of the entire October which says that you do not make videos on YouTube. There is no future in it. If you do any job, then tell them, Masterji has told us the truth from those Saro. If you can make a good content video and your video logo is coming in, then know that tomorrow's millionaires are you. Friends, it is true that in YouTube and the other video sharing website and the app that will make its place, it will earn a lot of money. How it all is going and how it is still happening today, I explain to you in a good way, if you are smart then think definitely.

About YouTube in today's day 

Friends, today if someone wants to see some information like mobile review, film review, then he searches on YouTube today before Google. Because the information he receives on Google has to be read, and the other thing is to do all the information more in English. is. Because of which the non-English people do not understand it well and if YouTube speaks of content, then content is available in every language and in the video format it is due to which if there is any attraction to learn English language Even if you look at YouTube, then you can understand it by watching the video. That's why people like to search on YouTube more often today. Not only this but today who have a smartphone and live, study them. Ask them a few questions and you will get the answers.

Q.1. How much time did you watch TV before taking mobile?
Q 2. How often do you watch TV after taking the mobile?
Q. 3 What else to watch or play on the mobile?

If you ask this question to the people, you will know that today people have forgotten to watch TV on a mobile basis.

Friends, today a person does not want to run a mobile phone in India but it comes with whitespace, Facebook and YouTube.

And if you have noticed, then know that India's big news channel is also running its news on Whitespot's viral video today. And at the same time, it also tells its winners to SUBSCRIBE the YouTube channel because today If you start looking at YouTube, then think about the TV programs and news, if the YouTube channel and website are appearing on the mobile app, all day long, then how much will the revenues come from AIDS.

Now we will tell you some channels that live online for 12 hours and what their work is, together with their business model and their revenue, then you will automatically know what you have to do.

3. ADDA24

Friends, this is all Educational YouTube channel, which provides you the AVAILABLE video for free for competitive exams like banking and staff selection. Friends, this is a good education channel, where you give free clauses for each of your GOVERNMENT exams. Now they are asked to get their money and how many are you going to see their earning sources.

Friends are the first source of Google Adsense's AIDS which it takes on its YouTube video, your mobile app, and your website. Friends, there are more than 15 live classes in the day, and together with all these channels, the second income source is their paid classes which can be between Rs 500 and Rs 1500. Friends, subscribers are subscribed in lakhs of these channels and in every class 15000 If people earn less work live then if 1000 people buy them class material of 500 then 500 * 1000 = 500000, it is an income of their exam. Also, some of the same classes sell their test papers, the income is different.

So let's get to know these channel's YouTube Earning


You can check all the information about how much has been done on each of these videos.

If you have any question or suggestion, tell it in the comment, and tell it in the comment.
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