How to start Blogging Beginners Tips and Tricks

New Blogger Important Tips and Tricks or my Analyses

Friends have also BLOG  If you're thinking about starting today we must begin what Tricks blog you brought it all Tips Tricks these articles read must meet. Today we will tell you some steps that are very important for a new blogger.

1. Which topic do you want to start blogging?

Friends, before you start blogs, you have to know which topic you have to tell the people in the big and the whole information about that SUBJECT is yours?
If you have been thinking that I would copy someone else, do not even mistake it, this will never rank your blog. You choose a topic that you know yourself well and you can write a lot of articles on that SUBJECT.


Now you are thinking that the topic has been searched. Now you have to see the ANALYSES  friends, the information you want to give to the people is unique or does not mean that all the people have already given it to you and you too will do the same thing. So your post will never be able to rank in Google. The second thing that you want to write is that someone will read in the right way or not, or you need to see whether the subject needs the logo or not. Or searching for answers by asking questions of your friends.


  1. Traveling 
  2. Health
  3. Recipes
  4. Technology
  5. Online Earning 

3. Choose your own language for BLOG. 

Friends, if someone says that you should write a blog in English or write in Hindi then know that you have to choose the same language which you come from well in which language you can do your job well, English articles quickly Ranked or gives good on ADSENSE CPC so it is not necessary to write in the same language.

4. Select the custom name and logo for the blog 

It is worth mentioning here that your name and logo are identified by your blog, so choose such a thinking society and buy your domain in the same name. Once you have made the name and logo, then you will never change it after that. Also, you will have to create your own Email-Id and social media pages by the same name as the domain you want so that when you search for your name on Google, all the searches are yours.


Most IMPORTANT POINT you also remember we'll take a nice template for your blog that you buy you should be simple and to the template used for free with the template in the first half but could also be the most important of the template must be AdSense friendly Keep that template after you apply the template or if your website is mobile friendly you can check it by clicking on the link given below. Because most traffic today comes through mobile.


Before starting the blog, you have to do your blog CUSTOMISE  and you will also have to pay attention to the SEO of your blog. In order to rank your blog post, you will have to create a site map for your blog, in this way you have to complete all SEO work.


After starting the blog, you will see that traffic is not coming to your blog, then at that time remember that everything is the time for you to do your job. Traffic will automatically come to your blog.
If you have any questions or suggestions, then please tell us in a comment. 
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