How to run or use Facebook Messenger in Dark Mode?

Friends, if you were searching on how to use Facebook Messenger in the Dark Mode, then at the right place, Facebook is making new updates to improve their app, which is very useful for users, and now Facebook has its users Has added a very good feature to the dark mode in its messaging app

This feature has just been added in the Facebook messenger only, this feature is not yet available in FB's app but there are many people

This dark mode feature will be very fresher for those messengers who chat with their friends or with anyone, even for the whole day and night, as you can use this facebook dark mode feature while chatting in the night. You will be able to make chatting with your friend even better.

Because the messenger's color black will go. Well, the option of changing the chat color in the facebook messenger is already available but now you can also change its background color. Many people are concerned about how to use facebook messenger in black color. an article will be found in

How to Use Facebook Messenger in Dark Mode - Enable Dark Mode Feature

In the Facebook messenger, it is very easy to enable or activate dark mode, so you do not have to download any other app and use the facebook messenger without any app in black color.

There are 2 ways to enable facebook messenger dark mode and I am telling about both methods that you can use any of these methods.

Method -1
  1. Go to FB Messenger and then you will see your photo icon by clicking on it
  2. You will then be able to access it, enable it by clicking onogle next to the dark mode from here.

Method -2
  1. Open the messenger app in your mobile if you do not get it updated then go to the google play store and update it.
  2. Then go to one of your friends' inbox and send it to the moon's emoji iyeni (🌙) emoji.
  3. Then you will see "dark mode" click on torn on in the setting.
  4. Now you will be in the messenger's settings, here it is enabled by clicking on the icon in front of the dark mode.
Congrats will now appear in your messenger black color. That means its theme will change. If you want to off or disable the dark mode, you can do it again by clicking on toggle next to it.

Friends, how to enable dark mode in facebook messenger. You will learn how to use this dark mode feature, there are many advantages like using it, the brightness of mobile will decrease, which will save a little bit of your mobile battery and messenger in it first And Jaiden looks good. If you know this information by making an informed comment and if this information is beneficial to you, then share it with your friends on the social networking site.
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