How to make your Android Phone Charge Faster

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Welcome to Friends In today's post, we are going to tell you that if you have trouble charging the smartphone, then you will definitely read our post till the last. In today's article, we will give you some tips related to charging a smartphone that will definitely be beneficial for you.

Often you may have seen that people now use Power Bank more than chargers and we have to face a lot of trouble charging a phone from Power Bank like Slow charging overheating and so on.
If you are facing such a problem then we are going to give you the best solution
After these tips, you will never have the problem of slow charging.

Some Tips to Avoid Slow Charging

Tips No -1
Charge mobile in Flight Mode

Friends Our phone is always searching for the network. If you put the phone in the Auto Network then the problem of finding the most is, sometimes 2G, then 3G or 4G, our phone's battery is also used so that the problem of slow charging starts in our phone. So mostly you charge the phone to the Flight mode by on

Tips No -2
Always use the original charger

Some people just mean by charging a phone. Wherever the charger is found just charging the phone. That is why our phone's batteries are damaged very quickly or battery backup is reduced. Nowadays there are many cheap chargers in the market and we have started using them more. So always keep this in mind that never use local and cheap chargers

Tips No-3
Reduce Phone's Brightness

Make the phone's brightness exactly 0. If you do this then your battery will be spent less frequently on screen and your phone will start charging faster

Tips No - 4
Turn Off Data Connection

Turning on the data connection will keep the notification coming to your phone repeatedly, which will cause battery expenditure, even when the data connection is running, there is a problem with Slow Charging.

Tips No - 5
Keep battery Saver Mode On at Charging

By keeping on the battery saver mode, you will also see a considerable difference. To turn on battery saver turn on, you have to go to settings and after that, you have to select the battery option. You can easily turn it on. In some mobile, you can also see this option in the notification bar

Hope you guys like this article. If you have any new tips or suggestions, then you can share it with us through comments.
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