How to make a phone password for Volume Button

Today we have brought you another new trick. In which you will learn that the volume button on your mobile phone can make your phone password. So friends learn it.

There will be very few people today who do not use the smartphone And we do not understand the use of the smartphone. Nowadays, we can do any work in the jokes through the smartphone that they too in a very short time. But due to this smartness, it has become very important for us to secure our phone. Because now our personal data is also saved in the smartphone and we do not want anyone to see it in such a way that we use many types of security features. Have you ever thought that our phone's volume button could become your phone's password? Maybe not

You never thought this like that. But this is possible in the smartphone you can use it very easily

How to make a phone password for Volume Button

Friends these ways are very safe and simple. Now you do not need any phone password, swipe lock, pattern lock, all of these, just use your phone's volume button as a password.

First, you have to go to the Play Store and you need to download Oops App Lock in your phone 

2. Now open the app and tap on setup password 

3. Now you have to set the volume buttons as a password.
Select the number of times you want to open by pressing the Volume button.

4. Now your saved password has been successfully saved. Now you will see a notepad in which you have to repeat your password again 

5. Just you can lock any app as you wish 

So friends, now you have understood how to make the volume button a password

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