How to improve Google Search Ranking 2019 - Detail SEO

Friends Everybody wants his website to rank on Google's first page. Good traffic comes and you get more income. For whom you want SEO tools, today we will tell you how you can advance your blog or website. SEO can be to your website VISITORS come.

Top 5 Free Seo Tools


2. Google Page Speed Insight 

3.Google Webmaster Tools /  Bing Webmaster Tools

4.Google Analytics

5. Open site explorer

Find Keyword

Friends, First of all, you have to see what keyword you want to rank your website. If you do not know what this keyword is like
So you tell Du Whenever you do a Search on Google Search Engine which she writes in Search Box   Keyword  K At the same time you Result below the Footer in keyword gives See when you've to Search see all this under his Keyword.
So you have to find a good keyword and also see how many people have written it on that keyword. Which will appear below Google Search

You can use this website to find the Keyword.

1. Keyword Shitter
Where you can find your preferred keyword, but here you will search Keyword, until you stop until Keyword will keep coming. So when it came to Keyword then get down Stop option on Click giving.

How to decide which Keyword is best 

Now how can we Decide  Which to Keyword we take his post? So let's know. Friends, We have the same Keyword choose which ones by more Search is better. But now to find out who's to Which Keyword more Search is happening. So for this, we also have a tool. Where you can see how many Searches are happening on which Keyword.

1. Keywords Everywhere
Friends you this Tool on your Google Chrome Browser to Install the take. Where you will have your Email Id so you will have a Mail and then you there kye on the received first link to click to be where you Key will receive the Key to copy you by Pc of the left corner on keyword everywhere the icon will appear which click to would. Then here you Update Setting which will go on it will be in front of that page there is Key all that you need to Pest  Setting Install Will happen.

Here is how you set your API Key:

1. Click the Keywords Everywhere icon (  ) that shows up at the top right of your browser. If you do not see this icon, the addon was not installed correctly. Try to uninstall it and then reinstall it.

2. In the popup that opens up, click the link “Update Settings”. This will open the settings page.

3. Enter your API Key 406533648f17c4ff164e in the text box at the top of the page.

4. Go to and search for any common keyword. The metrics will show up under the search box.


1. Post Title, Description, and Keyword
Friends, whenever Google finds a post, it sees the first post title then description and keyword, then you have to pay attention to all these things. Which tells  Google what's in that website.

2. Post URL
You have to see here that your URL is correct, right? URL should never have a number. Like this, you read this title as the smartwatch Google and your URL became. This smartwatch / 123 will not be able to rank it fast. Your URL should be smartwatch/google

3. Http/Https
Friends, even if the coding of your website is not correct, even then your website will not be able to rank. If there is a mistake in your HTML, then you can also check it. For which you have to go to on this website where you have to link your website.
Then you have to see if your website is HTTP or HTTPS if your website is in Http. So first convert it into Https. This will reduce your website's Load Time. 
If you want to check your website Load Time, then you can check this from Here's what you like will get all the information Page or Coding in or  Image to the feeling time to Loading your website for you right here. So that your website loads quickly so Google thinks it's a TRUSTED website.

4. Error Page
The error pages you have on your website will be deleted. Otherwise, Google will feel that this website is changing. From which you will not trust Google on your website. You can find out how many pages error is coming to your website.  

5. Bounce Back
This means that Traffic is coming to your website. But no one is stopping at that website. She is not reading. In which no one is getting any special content. Where all the garbage is full. Because of this, your website's ranking decreases. That's why you have to keep good content from which people will read it and you will have to put fewer ads on your website. So that the user does not get disturbed.


Link building  (Back Links)
If any website has to rank, then you have to create a lot of backlink on your website, which will increase your traffic. Here you a large and Trusted Website that ranks well will they say to give a link to your website, saying his post Kjisse your Website that the Website to redirect User is a good side began the Google along.

If you have any suggestions or questions, then please tell us in a comment. 

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