How to Find Free WiFi Hotspot near by you

Friends Free Wifi Hotspot said to go, you have the right place that would like to know that sometimes we travel elsewhere our mobile 's internet speed is very slow with it is because the network there The problem is

And even after having such a 3g and 4g connection, if you do not get a better net speed then you only have the option of wi-fi. Many people think that if there is any way to find a free wifi hotspot, then you can do it

How to Get Free Internet Wifi Hotspot Everywhere?

If you also keep searching for free internet how to do this, here's the best way to run free internet, however, many people use VPN and proxy to use free internet.

But here you will not be able to do anything and will be able to easily take advantage of free internet. You only have to find a free wifi hotspot near you and connect the hotspot to your mobile wi-fi and run the internet is free.

How to Find Free Wifi Hotspot?

To find out where the free wifi hotspot is near you, many apps are available on the internet but there are very few of those apps that work well for you to know which free wifi connection is available around you Here are some of the Android Apps that you will be able to use to find free internet wifi hotspot.

Wifi Map – Free Password & Hotspots

In Wifimap, you will get more than 100 million wifi points from around the world. And by using them you can run free internet. If you are traveling or traveling, then this app can prove to be a lot of work for you.

The information about these points is due to their active community within the app. Here users also get the password of protected wifi hotspots. In this app, you are given all the locations on the searchable map, from which you can search for your free wifi connection. Can have. android user can download this app from here

➤After downloading this app and after opening it open, then some term and condition will be written here I will click on accept.

➤Then click on next.

➤Then you will be asked to enable location, click on the enabled location. Click on allow and allow wifi map to access location.

Now you will see a map type and it will appear in close proximity to all free wifi hotspots.

Wi-fi Master Key

Using this app, you can find & connect share wi-fi to the world. The feature of this free app is that in it all wi-fi passwords are not open in front of you, but they are automatically encrypted and can be used only for wifi on the phone. If this is done in simple words then this app Others share their wifi password and you can connect with them

How to find friends near your free wifi connection, you must have learned this. This information should be good and beneficial to you, share it with your friends and other social media sites. And for more recent new information related to the Internet, visiting our site is cutting
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