How to block or unblock ATM Card in only 5 minutes

Friends nowadays everyone uses ATM CARD. All the account holders have an ATM card. This is because as soon as we open our account, our ATM card is reached by visiting our home without having to apply. Atm card is available to everyone but information about how to manage it so far Not so.

Most of the rural people have very little knowledge of it, people are taking advantage of this and people are also doing Atm Fraud.

In today's post, I will tell you about blocking and unblocking atm card

What should we do when our atm card is lost or stolen? Today's post is on this subject that if such a condition comes, then how can you safeguard your ATM card.

If your card is lost or if someone steals, then in the first case, at your ATM card Should be blocked. Because stealing can also lead to misuse of your atm and maybe a big deception with you. So, first of all, you need to remember that if your card is lost or stolen, first you have to block your card.

How to Block ATM Card

Friends, I am telling you to block SBI DEBIT CARD. Whenever you get an ATM card from the bank, you have to note the card number in your personal diary. Or you can note card nowhere such a place is not accessible to anyone other than you. Because you can block atm from the card number only.

For card no, you can see the image below.

You can block ATM cards in many ways. With the help of SBI Netbanking, SBI Anywhere App, you can block the card.

If you do not use these services, you can block your card by talking to SBI's TOLLFREE number

Tollfree Number -  1800-11-22-11 or 1800-425-3800 

Note- If you block the card in this manner You can not unblock the card now, for that you will have to apply for a new card in the SBI branch.

How To Unblock Atm Card 

At times it happens that we enter the wrong pin in atm. If our ATM Card is blocked due to repeated PIN entry, then how to unblock the card in such condition, let us know that due to inserting the incorrect PIN, when blocking atm block, this blocking is temporary, that is 24 After hours it is automatically unblocked. If it is not unblocked in 24 hours, you can talk to sbi's Grahak Sewa number and unblock the card
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