How To Become a Successful Businessman


Friends, if someone had asked you to leave the crazy drop of brother business, only pocket money comes out, nothing else comes out. Finding a good job will earn 10 to 12 thousand rupees a month, and if you will continue to do this business then you will be ruined one day then read this article yourself and also send the person who is demotivating you.

Friends, today our article is about young people who want to create their own world.

In today's friends, I will tell you the story of a businessman who was the first in this business, when he and his brother were in the business, they did not have that business, and at the same time, that business situation was not so special, all the big companies It was top of that business for a long time, but when this man landed in that business then this big company moved and some went falling and how it all happened, I will tell you all about it.

Friends, this is the story of India's biggest man Mukesh Ambaniji's friends, you must be thinking that this is a very old man, so what is the big deal for them, but friends are telling you about that business here. They were new in business but still today it is at the top. When big companies such as Idea, Vodafone and Airtel were selling their data plans at large prices and people of India were living in 2G era and were happy, they used to watch a video download for half an hour, those people used to pay 10 rupees Not only brought the recharge from 400 rupees to recharge, but instead of 2G mobile phones, 4G mobile handsets also made this man made his own market. This man has made his own market. 

Friends Today, more than 75% of people in India are using Android smartphones and those people are not just young people, but your father and grandfather. Look at the people around you if you do not believe everybody is watching YouTube or Watts video. Today, in India, man has not read or is not taught to run whitespace, facebook, and youtube. You must be thinking that why are you saying all this nonsense in the fact that everyone can not live without smartphones today, and before that we used to recharge 10 rupees with difficulty, the habit of Reliance Jio changed and stuck in a few days. We have a recharge offer of 400 rupees today in everyone's smartphone and ask the person if your recharge is complete when you recharge, you will get the answer.   

When Mukesh Ji brought 4G, the other company was saying that people here in India do not use 3G and it is bringing 4G. But Mukesh Ji thought that if I do not change my product, I will change the thinking of the people and today the same person forced another big corporation to bring 4G.

When Mukesh Ji came in this business, he saw that the people here already have a SIM card of big companies, then they have issued an offer for free data and calling for their 1-year jio SIM to capture their market share. People started to think that they were crazy but Mukesh Ji knew that in India, people give 10 rupees free of cost to the people and they will buy Mehngi things for Rs. 100 and they will buy it. I started buying 4G smartphones for MS, at that time we would have had 4G smartphones of companies like Samsung, then Reliance brought its own smartphone and on the same side, Oppo and Vivo also knew about this and captured a good market with their 4G smartphones. took.
And talk about Jiao Sim, which was first free to the people, at that time, when he bought it, then the first big company came out of his own and he went to Zio near the huge revenues.
If you also have a good product and you mark your business, then no one can stop you from being successful.

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