Google Adsense Approval Trick for Blog or Website 2019

Google AdSense Account Approval Tricks 2019

Friends, today we will talk to you about the most important question today. Friends came to me with all the mail in which everyone has said that what Google should do for Adsense approval and for this we have brought some tips and tricks for you today. If you can take the Adsence approval immediately, then let's start.

First of all, you should have a good domain like a .COM or .IN for your blog and not a free domain. 

If you are a new blogger then keep in mind that by the name of which you will create your blog, you can buy a lower price domain, which will post tomorrow in an article, how to buy a domain in just 88 rupees and if you Thinking whether our blog logo looks first or not, then you will buy the domain, but if your domain can buy anything else at that time, the benefit of your blog name is that domain Program will take the first one busy little investment is required

For Adsense Apply, work on your website will be 20 posts and work less than 500 words in each post. 

Before you apply for Adsence, know that your website is completely ready. Your template is mobile friendly. All pages on your home page have been made, such as the ABOUT US, CONTACT US, DECLARATION, PRIVACY POLICY also Have a good look at this page, see all this information well. You have to write about your blog in the ABOUT page and you can put a CONTACT form in CONTACT as well PRIVACY POLICY and DECLARATION You can also make this page online in GENERATE for which the following link is given.

Whenever you write a blog post, do not use any copied content?

If you have a KNOWLEDGE of something in the right way, write a blog on it and never copy it by copying anybody's blog content as Google immediately grabs your copied article and your ADSENCE does not approve any image as well as Google Not all of them are copyrighted. For Royalty Free Images, click on the link below.

Answering some questions 

1. I have heard in the YouTube video that I am a blogger for the Approval of AdSense, it should be 6 months old, but I also saw some blogs that were only 3 months old for the blog but their content was good and they got an adsence approval.

2. Some people say that your blog should have at least 200 visits daily, but there is no such requirement of Adsense.

3. Also, your blog does not have any information about adult content and hacking. 
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