5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2019

Hello, friends In today's post we are telling you some of the best applications of video editing from Android phones, which you can use to create a better video of you. Many of my friends asked me to make a video for youtube. But I do not have a PC, so how do I create VIDEOS? So, friends, I have found 5 such ANDROID APPS with the help of which you can create VIDEO for YOUTUBE or anything else.

These ANDROID APPS are free and you do not have to spend a single penny for them. You can download them from Play Store for free. If you have to change the background of the video then you can also change the video background of the video using these APPS. So far this FEATURE was only available in WINDOWS but now you can do everything with ANDROID phones. So let's know who is this BEST VIDEO EDITING APPS

Top 5 Apps to Video Editing from Android

Before telling the apps, I want to tell you that to use all the features of these apps, your phone's processor RAM should be of good quality, then you can use these apps in full version.

1. Viva Video Pro

Friends viva video is the most used Android app. In this, you can edit any type of video. In this, you will get 50+ Effects which you can apply in Videos. If anybody wants to make a great start of the video, then it has the best feature called VIDEOS THEMES. You can set up themes in videos and make videos creative. You can remove Viva Video's watermark by paying it in its Pro Version.

2. Power Director

This app is specially designed for youtube. If you are a youtube then you no longer need a pc You can make your android phone only pc. You can make Kai layer's video in Power Director. You can play the video above the video. You can put your voice in another video. You can put FX in video and add text. In this, you get 20+ FX and TEXT EFFECTS and you can also download new EFFECTS daily from LIBRARY.

3. Filmora Go

Friends Filmlora Go lets you create party videos well. Filmora offers you more than 20 Thems. If the video is to be dubbed, then the choice is available in the filmmora. Also, you can set it in the text, FX, MUSIC, anything video. In this, you will find all kinds of features. Just need your phone's RAM to be good.

4. KineMaster

And Kinemaster also works like video editing apps. Kinemaster is the only software that can help us to change the background of videos in-jokes and set our favorite Pic or Video. But this Video Background Change feature does not work in all android phones, for this, your phone's camera should also be good and processor too. If your phone is normal then you can use Kinemaster's basic features.

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

We can do general video editing with Adobe Premiere Clip very comfortably because everything in it is very easy. You do not have to learn anything. Just open the Adobe Premier Clip and start creating videos. In it, you can put filters in the video, apply text effects, and add images to create a video.

In today's post, I told you which 5 best apps for video editing in android phone.
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