How to do Paytm KYC in 2019 [ Verify / Upgrade Complete Information ]

How to Complete Paytm KYC? How to send money from Paytm Wallet to another Paytm account? Verification of KYC (Know Your Customer) has become mandatory for every Paytm users. Customer complements Paytm KYC to get a lot of benefit. People who have not upgraded Paytm Wallet. Also they do not get the special benefits of the Paytm VIP customer. Do you know why money is not being sent from Paytm Wallet? Because the Paytm KYC Linking has been asked, which has been made mandatory by the government. Also KYC features have been introduced to identify the customer.

If you make online payments from Paytm, or transit from Paytm to other paytm, then this tutorial is for you. Today we will know how to do KYC Verification in Paytm Wallet ?, How is the Paytm KYC Upgrade done? Also read, Why is the need to get a Paytm KYC? And what are its benefits. Verify your Paytm KYC. Before that, KYC knows about what is KYC.

What is KYC

KYC- Its Full Form is "Known Your Customer". Which means - "Know your customer" KYC is a popular term used in the field of banking and finance. Bank or Financial Institution uses KYC to verify the identity of its customer (ID Verification) and its address (Address Verification).

Using KYC to open a Bank Account, Financial, Loan, Paytm Account, PhonePe Account, Mutual Fund Account, KYC is required to invest in gold. Therefore, Paytm is also asked to submit a KYC document due to the facility of Paytm Payment Bank.

For KYC Verification, the Government of India recognizes KYC documents as Aadhaar card. If you want, you can also Verify the Aadhar Card from Voter ID, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, NREGA Card Documents.

Paytm KYC How To Verify [How To Upgrade Paytm KYC]

It is mandatory to have KYC Liking for sending money from your Paytm Account to Wallet or Bank Account. Paytm how to do KYC Linking, read carefully below-

➤First download the Paytm App
➤If the paytm app is already downloaded, update it
➤Update Paytm by visiting Google Play Store
➤Login to Paytm, and click on KYC above

➤After clicking on KYC, "Complete Your KYC" will open, click on the "Proceed" button below

➤After that fill in 12 digit Aadhar Number or Name. After this, tick on "i Agree" and press the Proceed button.

➤Then, your mobile number will come with an OTP code, enter that code and click Verify.

➤Then, your Aadhar card details will appear, if all is correct press the "Yes it's me" button.

➤Your Aadhar Card Details will be Accepted. And after that our last work will remain Finger-print Verification.
➤Click "Request in-person Verification" to make Finger-print Verification
➤Then, click on "At Your Nearby KYC Point"

➤After this, the KYC Center List will appear around your village. In which both Call and Location will be visible.

➤You can talk by clicking the Call button and get the Aadhar Card Verification by giving Finter-print.

Note: - [Important Things]

  1. Your mobile will only have an OTP code, when Mobile Number is added to your Aadhar Card.
  2. If your mobile number is not linked to the Aadhar card, then you can click on "Near KYC Point" and call Verification by visiting the Aadhar Card Center near you.

Benefits of Verification in Paytm [Paytm KYC Offer]

You can also call Linking to add to your Aadhar card in your Paytm account. Details of Advantage and Disadvantage of the following Non-KYC and KYC Users.

  1. KYC can spend more than 20,000 rupees per month after linking
  2. After upgrading Paytm Wallet, add more than Rs. 100,000
  3. Payment can take advantage of Special Cashback on Online Shopping, Recharge
  4. When KYC is completed, Paytm Payment Bank can open [Savings Account]
  5. Paytm Transaction can be up to 2500 RS per month
  6. Can transfer to Minimum Amount RS 100 bank
  7. New Paytm customer will have to wait for 3 days, if KYC is completed, you can immediately transact the money in the bank.
  8. Other

What To Teach In The Linking KYC To Paytm Bar

In this tutorial, we have explained how KYC Verification is done in Paytm Wallet. How to do KYC What is the advantage of Upgrading Paytm Wallet? Or what are the benefits of doing Paytm KYC verification? KYC Details in Hindi I hope you have liked this details. If you have any questions related to Paytm KYC Verification To Send Money, you can tell by commenting below.
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