How to Check Train PNR Status on Whatsapp

Now you can also view PNR Status of your reservation rail ticket on WhatsApp. This facility has started by makemytrip.

To see the PNR status of your rail ticket, there is a lot of website on the internet and now the mobile apps have come too many, but those who use whatsapp can now know the status of their ticket by sending a messege directly that the ticket was confirmed or No.

The number of users who use WhatsApp is very much in India, so with this facility, you will not have to install any separate application or go to any website.

See how you can view the PNR status of your reservation ticket on your WhatsApp App.

Look at WhatsApp, your train ticket's PNR Status

You do not have to do much, just have to save the number given below in your phone.

After saving these numbers, open your WhatsApp Now, and open the chat box of this number saved. Refresh your contacts once these numbers do not appear in whatsapp contacts.

Just type something messege like this and send it.

  1. Type "PNR <space> PNR Number" (like: PNR 3434334323)
  2. You will receive an immediate reply in which you can see the details of the current status of your ticket.

So now you can see the PNR status of your reservation ticket on WhatsApp.
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