How do Keylogger challenge your online privacy?

Most Internet users do not know about Keyloggers and they do not even know how Keyloggers are a serious threat to their online privacy. Let's understand this through an example. Suppose you are using NetBanking on your computer and someone is following you and keeping track of all your activities. It looks insecure, is not it? Keylogger also does the same.

What is Keylogger?

Originally Keylogger is a software that collects the data you typed on your computer keyboard. In addition to the keyboard, computer mouse activities can also steal keyloggers. Cyber attackers use stolen data to cater to their malicious intentions, such as stealing money through online banking, sending abusive email messages, selling private data advertisements companies, etc. The goal of hacking attacks is not only individual users, but also various business, medical and healthcare institutions, government, military targets, and educational institutions.

Keyloggers are basically of two types: -

1. Hardware Keylogger

It is a hardware device that is similar to a computer cable or pen drive, which makes it easy for the attacker to hide the keylogger device. The attacker needs to manually install the device so that the recorded information can be accessed.

2. Software Keylogger

This is a computer program that is downloaded and installed on the targeted computer. This software program may be a part of the malware or rootkit that an internet user has unknowingly downloaded. The information recorded is periodically updated on the server so that the attacker can check.

What kind of information do Keyloggers record?
The efficiency of keyloggers varies according to their type and goal. The different types of recorded data are given below:

➤Passwords entered by users
➤From time to time the computer screenshot
➤Activities performed on web browsers
➤List of all programs running on the device
➤Copies of sent emails
➤Logs of all IM messages

Anti-Keylogger Remedy

➤Cyber attackers can install Keyloggers on your system in a number of ways, so installing Anti-Keylogger software is the best solution. Such programs are specifically designed to detect and remove Keylogger software.
➤Inspecting the hardware keylogger should be inspected. In addition, you can use Two-Factor Authentication or VoS-to-Text software.
➤Do not allow any unknown person to work on his computer. Do not share your computer password with anyone.

By these methods, Keylogger makes it difficult to record your data. Tell us what you have experience regarding Keylogger as an internet user.

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