Google Doodle: Today's Doodle dedicated to Baba Amte, Learn their great work

Baba Amte was not only a social worker, but also took part in freedom movement and took up the Gandhian lifestyle.

Today, Google laughs the Messiah Baba AmteHas dedicated its doodle to Baba Amte's full name was Murlidhar Devidas Amte. Although his contribution to the empowerment of leprosy patients is remarkable, he was also a social worker as well as a great freedom fighter. He also played an important role in the environmental protection movement. Born in a wealthy family, Baba Amte dedicates his life to the oppressed sections of society. He was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's views and his philosophy and left his successful career of advocacy and joined the freedom movement of India. Baba Amte dedicates his life to the service of humanity. Baba Amte established the organization named Anandvan for the service of people suffering from leprosy. He was also associated with the environmental protection movement like the Narmada Rescue movement. Baba Amte received many awards for his welfare activities, including the Raman Magsaysay Award which he was given in 1985.

Early life and education

Baba Amte was born on December 26, 1914 in Hinganghat in Wardha district of Maharashtra. His father's name was Devidas and mother's name was Lakshmibai Amte. His father was a powerful bureaucrat in the administration of British India and was a wealthy landowner of Wardha district. Being the first child of the family, he found great affection. It has never happened that they have demanded something and they have not received that thing. His parents lovingly called him 'Baba'. Later this name became their identity. At the very young age he had a gun that used to hunt wild boar and deer. Later he bought an expensive sports car whose mattress was made of leopard skins.

Amte did LLB from Law College of Wardha. He started practicing in his native city which was quite successful.

Baba Amte married Sadhna Gulshastri in 1946. He also believed in humanity and always used to help Baba Amte in his social work. He was popular with Sadhana Tai. The couple had two children, Prakash and Vikas. Both are doctors and walk in the footsteps of parents to help the poor.

The impact of Mahatma Gandhi

Baba Amte was a true follower of Gandhiji. He followed Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy and lived a Gandhian life. Like Gandhiji, he fought against injustice in society and began to serve the oppressed. Like Gandhiji, he was a successful lawyer who initially wanted to make a career in advocacy but later dedicated his life to social welfare. He worked with garbage collectors and cleaners for a while in Chandrapur district to understand their pain. When some Britishers insulted women, they stood up against their fearlessness. When Mahatma Gandhi came to know of this, he gave Amte the title of 'Abhay Sadak'. Later, he devoted his life to the service of leprosy patients and worked to bring awareness towards the disease among the people.

Role in India's freedom struggle

Baba Amte participated openly in India's freedom struggle. He participated in almost all major movements led by Mahatma Gandhi. During the Quit India Movement, they organized the lawyers to fight the case of closed leaders in India.

Work for leprosy patients

In those days leprosy patients had to face a lot of miserable condition and social injustice in society. They were discriminated and removed from society. Leprosy patients also died due to frequent treatment and no proper supervision. Seeing all this, Baba Amte became very fluid. He took the girdle to remove the misconceptions and misconceptions made in society. He started spreading awareness among the people about the disease. He did a course on leprosy in Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. After this his wife, With two sons and 6 leprosy patients working on their mission. He opened 11 weekly clinics and set up 3 ashrams where leprosy patients were treated and their rehabilitation work was done. He worked tirelessly to get relief from the pain. He used to look at the patients themselves in the clinics. In order to remove the myths and misconceptions about leprosy, he himself took a bacilli injection from a patient. He spoke vocally against the boycott of leprosy patients. In 1949, he started constructing an ashram, Anandvan, dedicated to leprosy patients. Beginning under a tree in 1949, Anandvan became a campus spread over 250 acres in 1951. Now in Anandvan Ashram, two hospitals, one university, There is also a school for an orphanage and visually impaired students. In today's time, Anandvan is not limited to leprosy patients only. There is also a cure for other types of physical Divinity patients.

Work for tribals

Baba Amte started Lok Bharadari Project in 1973. This project was started for the development work between Madia Gond tribe of Bhamragarh taluka of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. A hospital was opened under this project, where basic medical facilities were provided to the local tribes of the area. He also opened a school for children, which also had a hostel facility. Opened a center for adults in which they were taught livelihood skills and training. There was also a cattle orphanage where animals were cared for. It has been named Amte Animal Park.

Peace and solidarity advocacy

Baba Amte believed in communal harmony and unity. In 1985, when the country was burning in the fire of riots, they launched the nationwide Joint Joint Movement. He made tour trips across the country. Their motive was to give message of peace and unity. Amte and her 116 youth followers traveled from Kanyakumari and traveled about 5,042 kilometers to Kashmir. From their March, the message of unity and brotherhood in the people of the country.

Narmada Rescue Movement (NBA)

Baba Amte left Anandvan in 1990 and participated in Medha Patkar's Narmada Rescue Movement. While leaving Narmada, he said, 'I am going to live with Narmada. Narmada will remain on the lips of people as a symbol of all struggles against social injustice. '

Baba Amte passed away in

2007, Baba Amte became leukemia. After being ill for more than a year, on February 9, 2008, he said goodbye to this world. The whole country was drowned in their demise. His death from all over the world seemed to be a source of consolation. Baba Amte's body was buried 


Baba Amte's work was praised all over the world. He was awarded various awards at national and international level. In 1971, he was awarded Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan in 1986. In 1979 he was given the Jamnalal Bajaj award for his work for the leprosy. In 1985, he received the Raman Mugesayi Award and in 1990, Temleton. Both of these awards spread his fame to the world. He was given a Gandhi Peace Prize in 2000. One crore cash was given with the award which he dedicated to welfare projects. 

Heritage is

promoting her welfare projects by her son Dr. Vikas Amte and Dr. Prakash Amte. Dr. Vikas is handling Anandvan while Dr Prakash Lok Bardari oversees the works of the projects. 

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