A glimpse of five rear cameras and glass backpack of Nokia 9

HMD Global's flagship device Nokia 9 was expected to be launched by the end of this year. But many recent reports claimed that the launch of Nokia 9 has been postponed due to the difficulties coming in the camera production. Camera setup of Nokia 9 will be its most important feature. On the previous part, a total of five camera sensors will be given. Pictures of this smartphone have been leaked many times. But this leaked photo has given us the best glimpse of the smartphone's rear camera setup so far.

An Instagram accountThe picture of this phone has been leaked by. In this, the back part of the device is shown from the left side. It appears that the phone's picture is real. But the report claims that it has been built on the basis of leaked information so far. That is, this is a picture made on the concept. Nokia 9 looks in the photo. The rear part penta lens camera is clearly visible.

Five sensors with zice branding can be identified and LED flash top appears in the left edge. There is another sensor in the top right. This is probably a dual sensor whose work is not clear right now. The image also shows that there will be a glass back in the Nokia 9.

From this concept photo to us, Nokia 9The design of the project has been estimated. By the way, we have to wait for official information. It is reported that HMD Global is facing difficulties in camera production. Now plans to bring this flagship device to 2019. According to the old report, Nokia 9 has a very thin bezel display.

According to leaked information, Nokia 9 will come with Android pie, 6 inch display, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage and 4150 mAh battery. So far, this phone has got information about coming up with the Snapdragon 845 processor. But HMD Global will now have to seriously consider this because since the beginning of next year, the flagship device will come with the Snapdragon 855 processor.
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