Never forget these mistakes, or else your smartphone can explode

Never forget these mistakes, or else your smartphone can explode. In today's era, smartphones have become a useful tool of life that works all the time, but sometimes this partner becomes the cause of many kinds of accidents. You may have read such news several times that a phone call came from the phone and the phone broke up, the charging smartphone broke up, the phone broke up while talking. Many people lost their lives in accidents due to the explosion of smartphones. But have you ever noticed that why such an accident happens eventually? And how should we avoid this? Today we will tell you about it in detail, how should we avoid it.

Do not charge more to smartphones

It is often seen that some people leave their smartphone in such a way that they leave it in the charge. By doing so, your phone's battery gets damaged very quickly. Along with the increase of heat, your smartphone may also burst, so friends should take care of this.

Keep away from the sun's direct light

Many times it happens that you keep your phone in a place where Direct Sunlight falls. By doing so, the phone body gets heated, due to over heating, the balance of the phone gets worsened, thereby increasing the risk of phone bursts.

Use the right charger

If you charge your mobile, then you should try to use the same charger that has been given to you with your smartphone. Otherwise friends can harm you.

Reduce the use of mobile cover

It is often seen that people cover their smartphones. After putting friends cover you will often have noticed that the mobile gets hot. To avoid this, you should use the mobile cover at least.
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