'Smart clothes' will be saved from the cold in winter, the mobile app will be adjusted from the temperature

Everything is becoming smart with the help of technology, now the clothes are becoming smart too. A team of Canadian engineers has designed such 'smart clothes' that will save them from cold. Not only this, the wear can be adjusted from the mobile app after wearing these clothes. The engineers named these smart clothes 'skincore'. It has a full sleeve top and leggings that change itself according to the person's tempter. Both tops and leggings are connected to the smartphone app, with the help of which the templates can adjust for more heat.

These clothes have been designed like this

Schneider's product manager, Hein Fan said, "We wanted to take out the wires from smart clothing technology and when we were working on a textile computing platform, our team discovered a way to transfer heat through fiber."

He said that 'Tops and leggings have been made with the help of Conductive Yarn (Conductive Thread). In which the layer works to absorb sweat and heat the outer layer. '
According to the fan, these clothes have a 56 gm battery, which generates 18W heating power and can be kept warm for up to 8 hours. Its battery can be charged from any mobile charger.

Auto will be off if the temperature is high

Engineers designing these clothes say that these clothes give heat to those places of the body, which they need, such as body trunk, hands, thighs and legs. While these clothes avoid direct heat from places like back and chest.

He told that as soon as the body's temperature progresses, its sensors stop giving heat. At the same time, when the body needs heat, its sensors start working.
Currently, these clothes are only available in Canada and can be purchased online in 375 Euros (about 26,700 rupees).

Before that smart underwear has also been made, the company: Smart Vibrational Skin Skin has also made a 'smart underwear' before that which works as a fitness tracker. Smart underwear can track heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, body fat and hydrotherapy levels.
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