OnePlus 6T: Thunder Purge OnPlus 6T Smartphone With Action Caspuff Offer

One Plus 6T smartphone in India has come up with a new color called Thunder Purple. 

The latest Chinese company, One Plus, has recently released a red smartphone with a red color with a number of highlights. Following the introduction of OnPlus 6T , it introduced a smartphone with a variety of features to attract customers. Initially the Oneplus 6T smartphone came out in two colors, Midnight Black and Mirror Black. Later, the new colorless OnPlus 6T smartphone was introduced in China to make the Thunder Purple.

The new Color OnPlus 6T smartphone attracted many customers from other countries. Accordingly, the company announced that it will introduce an Android 6T smartphone across the globe, including India, in accordance with the wishes of its customers. Accordingly, Anpinglus 6T Thunderbird smartphone in India has been sold at 2.00 pm today. The price was fixed at Rs 41,999. Customers can order and receive this phone on Amazon and Onepage websites.

Customers ordering a OnePlus phone with HDFC Bank's Debit / Credit Card will be paid a 1,500 rupees cashback offer. Similarly, if you buy Reliance Joy for the purchase of the OnPlus smartphone, the 299 rupee will offer chessback in the recharge. Additionally, 3 GB Data, Unlimied Voice Call and SMS are also offered.

OnePlus 6T features :-

Operating System: OxygenOS
Android: Android 9.0 Pie
Display Size: 6.28 Inch
Inbin Memory: 256 GB
Camera: Dual Camera
Front Camera: 16 Mega Pixel
Rear Camera: 20 Mega Pixel
Battery Power: 3,700 mAh, 20 watt superior charging facility
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