Battery of newly launched smartphones is getting worse, how to increase performance

New Delhi - According to a report published in the Washington Post, the battery of smartphones is increasingly being consumed these days. There may be several reasons behind the consumption of these smartphones. According to this report, many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are experiencing this kind of trouble in the new launching device. It can be used to overload the data, install more and more apps in the phone, etc. Today we are going to tell you about some easy tips that will help increase the battery of your smartphone by 40 percent.

The maximum consumption of batteries in smartphones is by running the Internet. If you are not using the Internet in your phone then turn off your cellular data. This increases the capacity of about 20 percent of the battery.

Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data for internet. Up to 5 percent of battery consumption can be reduced by running Wi-Fi internet.

When you are traveling, put your phone on airplane mode. Because the consumption of the battery increases during frequent search of the network during travel. Due to keeping the phone in Airplane mode your smartphone will not be able to search the network repeatedly, which increases its capacity up to 5%.

Keep video or media auto-play and auto-download off on your phone in social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, U-Tube etc. By doing so, your phone's battery capacity will increase up to 5 percent.

Reduce your phone's brightness while using the phone at night. Due to high brightness, the battery consumption of the phone is more likely to be consumed.

Try not to heat your smartphone due to sunlight or other reason. Due to the heating of the phone, the possibility of battery consumption increases.

Never charge your smartphone full charge. When full charge, the battery is quickly discharged. Do not charge more than 80 percent of the phone Due to excessive charging, the phone may be overhauled, due to which the possibility of discharging increases further.

Hopefully you can increase your smartphone's battery capacity by up to 40 percent by following these tips.
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