Facebook launches new video app Laoso, TikTok v/s Lasso

Facebook has launched a new video app for users. With the help of this app called "Lasso", users will be able to share small videos with Special Effects and Filters. Facebook's product manager Andy Huang tweeted on Friday, "The small format new video app is now available in the US."

This app will compete with the already existing TikTok app in the market. In Lasso, users will get all the features of editing the video, so that they can insert text and music into their video.

This app equipped with video editing tools will allow users to include music in their videos as well as text. "Laoso is a new app for entertainment videos in small format, we are very excited about its success, we will take feedback from people and people who make this app," the US website, the Senate, quoted a spokesperson from Facebook.

All profiles and videos will be public on this app. Facebook has introduced this app to the US first. Its purpose is to compete with similar apps already on platforms like Snapchat and YouTube.
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